New Day, New Month, New Year Growth

Hello this week’s topics will be on new growth and not my hair.

We have the chance to start new everyday and every time we open our eyes to take a breath God gives us anew. Now, most often people come up with goals that they will inevitability change in the new year. Whether it’s, healthy eating, exercising or forgiving and mending a relationship. Others say “I’m going to start a business” or “i’m going to get right with God.” People often think that they can start when the thought enters into their mind. I was taught by one of my favorite preachers Joseph Prince that my present truth is Grace. God gave the idea today the need the want the desire is a right now so start today.

New year resolutions…… Or your New Now
So if it’s a new job you want go looking and apply today, if it’s eating healthy then start today, if it’s taking a trip then call me today so I can book it (lol).But don’t put off for tomorrow something you can change today. Change your mindset and push towards your goal today.

Oh yeah these are a few questions I got asked last week i’m going to share with you all.

So I think that cheating is wrong on all levels but I do think that it’s starts with lack of communication and then if communication does occur what is you do with the information once it is received……… But to answer the question I don’t think that all men cheat just like all women don’t cheat what
I do think is that we all sin and with God’s grace you can overcome all obstacles even how not to cheat and how to communicate properly for your relationship to grow.


Why dads can’t hear the baby cry at night?(lol)

Now after I did my research and came up with this….. “The number one sound to wake women – whether or not they were mothers – was the sound of a crying baby. Men were most likely to be woken by car alarms, howling wind and a buzzing fly. Psychologist David Lewis had this possible explanation,”These differing sensitivities may represent evolutionary differences that make women sensitive to sounds associated with a potential threat to their children while men are more finely tuned to disturbances posing a possible threat to the whole family.”


Why do all men cheat? (lol)

Via Web MD 48% of men report feeling guilt during the affair
77% of cheaters have a good friend who cheated
40% of cheating men meet the other woman at work
12% say the other girl was more physically attractive than their wife.